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  About Tony Saenz

My name is Tony Saenz. I am a 46-year-old father of three. Along with my wife Julie, we have successfully worked out of the comfort of our home, making telephone calls and scheduling appointments for various types of companies and getting paid $60 for each one we generate.

Help Wanted ... help yourself ... start earning $60 per appointment!I came from an economically depressed family growing up on the public aid system. My father passed away when I was 14 years old. At 16, I dropped out of high school and sought employment to help out with family finances. I came across what looked like a factory in an industrial area with a “help wanted” sign on the building. I walked in, expecting it to be a warehouse or machine shop. All I saw were dozens and dozens of cubicles with telephones. This big, burly guy came from around the corner, and shouted “what do you want?!” In a scared voice, I replied “I’m here for the job. I saw the ‘help wanted’ sign on the building.”

He said, “step into my office” and asked me to sit. He looked me up and down, picked up the handset on the telephone and loudly banged it hard and fast on the receiver. He looked at me and pointed at my face and sternly said, “son, does that bother you?” I said, “no sir.” He then smiled and said “you’re hired, can you start tonight?”

The company was Trane Home Comfort Center and they were looking for people to schedule sales appointments for homeowners interested in new heating and air conditioning systems.

Appointment setting is the first and only job that I have had for the past 30 years. My wife and I have more than 50 years combined appointment setting experience. We both started as appointment setters for different companies and now we work as independent contractors from our home, generating appointments for both business to business and business to consumer clients that have continuously purchased from us for many years.

Work in the comfort of  your home. Be home with the kids, save on daycare costs too!We have a proven program that can show you how to effectively run your own appointment setting business from home. Our book encompasses all aspects of the business from marketing to invoicing and everything in between. This program is for everybody. The stay-at-home moms, the retirees, the unemployed, people looking for part-time work to make ends meet, people that are looking to change careers — anyone looking to work from home and earn $60 per appointment!

You too can work from home making $60 per appointment. If you only work part-time 10–15 hours per week, let’s say anytime between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. – at $60 per appointment – that’s $600 per week and over $30,000 per year, all while enjoying the benefits of a flexible work schedule with no commuter traffic.

All you need is a telephone and our instruction program. You do not need any education or work experience in the appointment setting career field.

With our program, you will learn how to:

1. Research Businesses to Market

2. Secure your clients

3. Develop client scripting materials

4. Make calls and generate appointments

5. Invoice and get paid $$$

Want to get started?

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Some are earning an extra $200 per week part-time and other full-time people are bringing in incomes of over $1,200 per week!

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What people are saying ...

L.F. — Wisconsin
“I thought the training was excellent!! years ago, I spent a week in Zig Ziglar training and this was so much better — practical and applicable. The politeness and directness totally worked in obtaining info. Love it!”

D.S. — Manpower Peoria
“I had a lot of fun with this training! It was great! He was easy to work with and gave a lot of great advice. I liked the one on one attention and constant role play.”

L.M. — Manpower Peoria
“I though the training was excellent. This is a very different approach than what I am accustom to. I feel very confident in the training I received.”

F.G. — Manpower Peoria
“I really liked the way he (Tony) trained. I feel very good about the training. I am excited to implement the program.”

S.M. — Bloomington
“ The training was awesome! the one-on-one coaching and practice with Tony was extremely beneficial. He helped us with our tone, pitch, speed etc. — and let us pick his brain about some of the issues we have come across in our past calls. The day, was very intense, but I left feeling confident in my appointment setting skills and look forward to putting my training to use!”

A.W. — Springfield
“I greatly enjoyed the training. Tony kept me thinking and engaged. I would recommend him to anyone. This has been my favorite classroom training by far.”

L.W. — Decatur
“Tony is very diligent in his training technique due to which I now automatically go to his training when I am talking with potential clients.”

Marti — Illinois
“I thought the training was extremely beneficial to our success at making appointments with potential clients. The training far exceeded my expectations.”