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At our seminars, you can expect …
• Reviewing the Working at Home Solution program in great detail
• Time management skills
• Developing telephone presentations
• Getting past the receptionist
• Dealing with voicemail
• Objection handling
• Professionalism
• Hands on role playing
• Advanced closing techniques
• And, you get to pick Tony's brain!

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What people are saying ...

L.F. — Manpower Wisconsin
“I thought the training was excellent!! years ago, I spent a week in Zig Ziglar training and this was so much better — practical and applicable. The politeness and directness totally worked in obtaining info. Love it!”

D.S. — Manpower Peoria
“I had a lot of fun with this training! It was great! He was easy to work with and gave a lot of great advice. I liked the one on one attention and constant role play.”

L.M. — Manpower Peoria
“I though the training was excellent. This is a very different approach than what I am accustom to. I feel very confident in the training I received.”

F.G. — Manpower Peoria
“I really liked the way he (Tony) trained. I feel very good about the training. I am excited to implement the program.”

S.M. — Bloomington
“ The training was awesome! the one-on-one coaching and practice with Tony was extremely beneficial. He helped us with our tone, pitch, speed etc. — and let us pick his brain about some of the issues we have come across in our past calls. The day, was very intense, but I left feeling confident in my appointment setting skills and look forward to putting my training to use!”

A.W. — Springfield
“I greatly enjoyed the training. Tony kept me thinking and engaged. I would recommend him to anyone. This has been my favorite classroom training by far.”

L.W. — Decatur
“Tony is very diligent in his training technique due to which I now automatically go to his training when I am talking with potential clients.”

Marti — Illinois
“I thought the training was extremely beneficial to our success at making appointments with potential clients. The training far exceeded my expectations.”